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Austin Meek's guest this week is local businessman Jake Patterson. He talks about transporting his restaurant concept from Portland to Waco, his downtown food trailer, and why he's opening up a brand new drive in location on Valley Mills Drive.

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Business Review - “That’s My Idea”

Sep 2, 2021

Only about a third of women hold leadership positions in their company. Marlene Neill shares women’s frustrations and how they can get ahead.

Jenny Blake shares how employees can “pivot” or “divot” and remain in control.

A Look Inside Racially Biased Home Lending Algorithms

Aug 25, 2021

How mortgage algorithms perpetuate racial disparity in home lendingA new investigation finds that people of color are more likely to have their mortgage applications rejected than comparable white applicants.

For the first time in history, leaders are managing teams that span four generations. In this episode of the Business Review, CEO and Head Coach at Power Coaching and Consulting, shares tips on what leaders can do to be effective and bridge the gaps. 

Doctor Tyra Lindsey-Warren, Clinical Assistant Professor of Marketing, gives insight into the best way to market to the new generations of consumers. 

What is your Information Technology Identity?  Stacy Petter, Professor of Information Systems and Business Analytics, encourages employers to discover their employee’s I.T. identity to maximize creativity and production in the workplace. 

Meredith David, Associate Professor of Marketing, shares when fear-based marketing can be an effective messing tool. 

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Workplace discrimination makes for a stressful environment.  Kaylee Hackney, Assistant Professor of Management, studied pregnancy workplace discrimination and discovered how workplace stress can effect the mother.

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Business Review - Sales Evolution

Jul 15, 2021

Sales professionals today need to bring a fresh set of skills to the market place.  Doctor Andrea Dixon, Marketing Professor and Executive Director of the Center for Professional Selling, shares what Employers are looking for when hiring sales professionals, and how their roles have changed.

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Business Review - Chaos to Calm

Jul 8, 2021

Business Psychologist, Sharon Melnick, talks about how to focus and take control when we feel stress. 

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Business Review - Great Expectations

Jul 1, 2021

Rhett Power shares tips on what good leaders do to be great leaders.

Business Review - The Likely Investor

Jun 24, 2021

What is the best way for entrepreneurs to get their idea or product noticed?  Angel investor Martin Zwilling gives tips on how to catch the eye of an investor. 

Downtown Depot - Jasmine Bledsoe

Jun 18, 2021

In this episode of Downtown Depot, Austin Meek has a conversation with Jasmine Bledsoe, co-founder of the New Black Collective in Waco. They talk about the inspiration for the organization, her family's rich Waco history, and the city's Juneteenth celebration.

Companies take risk with clients they trust.  Robert Solomon shares the best form of communication to build trust. 

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