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Downtown Depot - Shelley Gay

Jan 21, 2022

Austin Meek's guest is Shelley Gay, owner of Olive Door Imports in downtown Waco. She talks about her love of 19th & 19th century European antiques, and how she's approaching community building, as a recent Wacoan.

Downtown Depot - Haley Stewart

Dec 17, 2021

Host Austin Meek speaks with Haley Stewart, a Catholic author, podcaster, and speaker. They discuss Catholic Christmas, Catholic Twitter, and how she adapted the philosophies of Jane Austen for her new book coming out in March.

Host Austin Meek has a conversation with local entrepreneur Daniel Abarca. They discuss tourism in downtown, and the upcoming world axe and knife throwing competition he'll be a part of in Ft. Worth.

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Downtown Depot - Ashley Beard

Oct 15, 2021

On this episode, Austin Meek sits down with the newest Mrs. Texas, Waco entrepreneur Ashley Beard.

In Episode 113 of Downtown Depot, show host Austin Meek interviews community organizer Dominic Villa. Dominic discusses the struggles growing up in South Waco and ways he’s improving his neighborhood. Prior to that conversation, Brayden Braziel and Alex Blanton of Silent House Theater company preview the production, “I & You.” 

Austin Meek's guest this week is local businessman Jake Patterson. He talks about transporting his restaurant concept from Portland to Waco, his downtown food trailer, and why he's opening up a brand new drive in location on Valley Mills Drive.

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In Episode 110 of Downtown Depot, host Austin Meek interviews Makenzie Asisi, owner of Milkbottle Cookies. Makenzie talks about outgrowing her first and second locations, the welcoming nature of Waco's business community, and her new downtown storefront. 

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Austin's guest for this episode of Downtown Depot is the co-founder of Pinewood Roasters on Austin Avenue.

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Downtown Depot - Carla Dotson

Jul 16, 2021

Host Austin Meek has a conversation with local business owner Carla Dotson about developments along the East Waco corridor, her recent conversation with Representative Pete Sessions, and about how the community in East Waco is interactive more closely with Baylor University.

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Downtown Depot - Jacob Green

Jul 2, 2021
Beth Richards

In this episode, host Austin Meek talks with Jacob Green, co-founder of Keep Waco Loud. He talks about the growing arts and entertainment scene in Waco, and disclosing some exciting news about taking over the ownership and operation of an iconic Waco business with his wife, Katie Selman.

Wendy Gragg from City Center Waco also joins in for "The Word on the Street".

Downtown Depot - Jasmine Bledsoe

Jun 18, 2021

In this episode of Downtown Depot, Austin Meek has a conversation with Jasmine Bledsoe, co-founder of the New Black Collective in Waco. They talk about the inspiration for the organization, her family's rich Waco history, and the city's Juneteenth celebration.

In this episode, host Austin Meek talks with local tattoo artist Lefty Colbert of Infamous Ink. They talk about the history of tattooing, his philosphy regarding the art, and the challenges his shop faced during the pandemic.

Downtown Depot - JaJa Chen

May 21, 2021

This week's guest is JaJa Chen, co-owner of Waco Cha, and a licensed therapist. Austin Meek speaks with her about live s an imigrant to the U.S., the importance of diversity, and how she and her husband put the importance of "why" over "what" when making decisions about their small business.

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Downtown Depot - Kelly Palmer

Apr 16, 2021

In this episode of Downtown Depot, Austin talks with Waco City Councilwoman Kelly Palmer (District 4) about her first year in the city council seat, how she dealt with the COVID-19 pandemic, and the female figures who inspire her daily.

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Downtown Depot - Jonathan Pokluda

Apr 2, 2021

Host Austin Meeks has a conversation with Jonathan Pokluda, head pastor of Harris Creek Baptist Church. They discuss the Christian holiday Easter, what pop culture gets right and wrong about dating, and his new book on relationships called Outdated.