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Baylor Connections - Bernd Zechmann

Jan 21, 2022

Core research centers at Baylor contain state-of-the-art equipment that students and faculty across campus utilize for impactful research projects. Bernd Zechmann leads one of these centers—he serves as director of the Center for Microscopy and Imaging and as an associate research professor at Baylor. In this Baylor Connections, Dr. Zechmann takes listeners inside labs that advance multidisciplinary projects and spur R1 research.

Baylor Connections - Todd Still

Jan 14, 2022

Baylor’s George W. Truett Theological Seminary enjoyed incredible growth in 2021, from new academic programs and campuses to initiatives that reduce the cost of education for students. In this Baylor Connections, Dr. Todd Still, The Charles J. and Eleanor McLerran DeLancey Dean and The William M. Henson Professor of Christian Scriptures at Truett, takes listeners inside a variety of exciting benchmarks and explains how they enhance the ways Truett is “of, by, and for the Church.”

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How can “vocal athletes” perform at their best, and with optimum health? Kimberly Monzon and Lauren Weber are teachers and performers who seek to help people who use their voices on stage and in other settings. In this Baylor Connections, Dr. Monzon, assistant professor of voice in Baylor’s School of Music, and Weber, a certified vocologist who serves as a lecturer of musical theatre at Baylor, take listeners inside their research and training to advance new understanding in vocal performance.

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Baylor Connections - President Linda Livingstone

Dec 31, 2021

Baylor University is now an R1 research institution. The end of  2021 brought exciting news, as this long-pursued goal became a reality. Additionally, the University celebrates the announcement of an agreement with the City of Waco to locate Baylor’s new basketball facility, the Paul and Alejandra Foster Pavilion, along the Brazos River near downtown Waco. In this Baylor Connections, President Linda A. Livingstone, Ph.D., discusses these major benchmarks and their impact going forward.

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Baylor Connections - Angela Gorrell

Dec 3, 2021

Amidst the joy of the holiday season, many dealing with loss or trauma in their own life feel grief. Angela Gorrell, assistant professor of practical theology, experienced that type of dichotomy in her own life. While studying joy at the Yale Center for Faith and Culture, her family suffered a string of tragedies that led to her to question what it means to find joy in the midst of suffering. Her new book, The Gravity of Joy: A Story of Being Lost and Found, walks readers through those struggles and what she learned in the process. She takes listeners inside that journey and offers insights on joy in this Baylor Connections.

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Baylor Connections - Dave Rosselli

Nov 12, 2021

The Baylor Family’s generosity has spurred exciting growth throughout the University. From new faculty chairs and student scholarships to major capital projects like a welcome center, basketball pavilion and football operations center, it’s an exciting season in the life of the University. In this Baylor Connections, Dave Rosselli, Vice President for Advancement, takes listeners inside these projects and shares how Baylor alumni and friends across the nation are driving a dynamic vision to become reality.

Baylor Connections - Dawn Rogers

Oct 15, 2021

Few people have led a city’s Final Four efforts and served in leadership for a team that played in a Final Four, but Dawn Rogers has done both. In this Baylor Connections, Rogers shares more about her role as Baylor’s deputy athletics director and a sport administrator for track and field, women’s golf, and the reigning national champion men’s basketball team. As she provides leadership to sport administrators across all 19 Baylor sports, she takes listeners inside the vital role they play in the success of individual teams and the athletic department as a whole, and shares insights from leading Phoenix’s Final Four Local Organizing Committee prior to coming to Baylor.


Baylor Connections - Zhenrong Zhang

Oct 8, 2021

A nanometer measures just 1/100,000 the width of a human hair, but the chemical reactions that take place at that level bear significant implications for scientists, engineers, medical practitioners and more. Dr. Zhenrong Zhang, associate professor of physics, is illuminating the nanoscale through the development of a powerful nanoscale microscope. In this Baylor Connections, she shares how the invention can lead to more accurate medical diagnoses, cleaner sources of energy and more.


Baylor Connections - Sandeep Mazumder

Oct 1, 2021

Dr. Sandeep Mazumder was named last spring as The William E. Crenshaw Endowed Dean of Baylor’s Hankamer School of Business after an extensive national search. Meet Dr. Mazumer in this Baylor Connections as he shares his journey from London to Waco, which included stops at some of the world’s most prestigious institutions along the way. He further examines his philosophy on faith and scholarship and highlights the experiences that guided him into a new season of leadership at Baylor. 


Baylor Connections - Doug Henry

Sep 10, 2021

On the 700th anniversary of his death, Dante’s works still resonate, providing timeless insight into the challenges people face and a guide to navigate those trials. In this Baylor Connections, Douglas Henry, Dean of the Honors College at Baylor, shares why the Honors College is creating the world’s largest Dante reading group, called “100 Days of Dante” and takes listeners inside the Honors College’s approach to transformative education.

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Baylor Connection - President Linda Livingstone

Sep 3, 2021

The start of a new semester heralds much to celebrate. In this Baylor Connections, President Linda A. Livingstone Ph.D., shares the excitement of a new year, and discusses a variety of important topics with the Baylor Family, including the University’s record incoming class, R1 research momentum and ongoing conference realignment developments.

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Baylor Connections - Jason Cook

Aug 20, 2021

A new semester is here at Baylor University and with it comes opportunities to connect students to Baylor’s caring community, tell the Baylor story and share in longstanding traditions together. In this Baylor Connections, Jason Cook, vice president for marketing and communications and chief marketing officer, shares how the University communicates with Baylor Family members and friends both on campus and off and highlights the strength of the Baylor brand.

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Special Education Programming

Aug 5, 2021

The documentary series APM Reports is releasing three new programs this month.  Each delves into different areas of education.

1. Fading Beacon: Why America Is Losing International Students  - August 6th at 7pm and August 8th at 6pm on 103.3, Waco Public Radio - KWBU.

What impact does urban pollution have on thunderstorm activity? It’s a question of interest to the Department of Energy, which turned to two Baylor professors to help find the answer. In this Baylor Connections, Rebecca Sheesley and Sascha Usenko, professors of environmental science at Baylor, discuss their high-level research that can uncover clues about thunderstorms in urban areas and help improve public health in Texas and around the world.

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Baylor Connections - Kenny Befus

Oct 16, 2020

What can volcanoes, gemstones and minerals tell us about the geological forces that physically shape the world around us? Dr. Kenny Befus, assistant professor of geosciences, is a volcanologist who studies clues found in magma flows, gemstones and more that shed light on past and future events. In this Baylor Connections, he shares insights into how these forces interplay with one another, and unpacks an award-winning research project aimed at a new method of studying imperfections in gemstones to uncover geological data.