Hector Sabido

Dustin Drew

Over the past year, the City of Waco has begun to dabble in the use of electric vehicles.  Hector Sabido is a city council member for district two and is the Mayor Pro Tem.  He says that the members of the city council really want to make a push for doing more for the environment.

Sabido says the council is going to... 

“Dig into how effective EV’s are, electric vehicles are, but also we want to make sure that we’re still being fiscally responsible with the tax payer’s dollars.”

Central Texas Leadership Series - Hector Sabido

May 14, 2021

In this episode of KWBU's Central Texas Leadership Series, station president Joe Riley has a conversation with Waco City Councilman Hector Sabido.

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(Kateleigh Mills/KWBU Radio)

In Episode 63 of Downtown Depot, show host Austin Meek interviews Hector Sabido. Sabido, a south Waco native and the son of Mexican immigrants, discusses his plan for improving outcomes for District 2 residents whom he will serve as City Councilman beginning in May 2019.