A young, enthusiastic student accepts a teaching job on an island of illiterate children.


Romantic story of a lonely man recently widowed and a woman dealing with a divorce.

Pleasant series of essays on topics ranging from immigration to the environment.

  True adventure of a young boy who dreams of accompanying Byrd to Antarctica.

A selection of interesting and eclectic titles for 2018

Delightful story of an editor at The New Yorker obsessed with punctuation and pencils.

A selection of books for everyone’s tastes.


An unlikely premise turns into an informative and wonderful romp in the history of shelves

Jim McKeown

A list of planned reads for Likely Stories in 2015.

Jim McKeown

A pleasing exploration of the aesthetic of Japanese architecture and decoration.


Jim McKeown

An interesting excursion into the mind of a reader, writer, and inveterate “book smeller.”