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The torch at Act Locally Waco has passed from founder Ashley Bean Thornton to new Prosper Waco head Ferrell Foster. The two sit down with host Kennedy Sam to discuss the organization's roots and its future.

Central Texas Leadership Series - Ferrell Foster

Apr 9, 2021

KWBU President interviews Ferrell Foster, the communications leader for Prosper Waco and the acting director of Act Locally Waco.


There's more than trick or treating to do for Halloween this year.  Hear about some of the Halloween themed events happening around town from haunted houses, Pumpkin Fest, Sitting up with the Dead, Fright Night at the Rite 3.0 to a celebration of Dia De Los Muertos.

Prosper Waco Summit Begins, Looks at Successes City's Made

Sep 19, 2016

Today Prosper Waco holds their annual summit where they will discuss the progress the city has made in areas like education , financial security and health. Ahead of the event, KWBU’s Carlos Morales sat down with Prosper Waco’s Matthew Polk and Christina Helmick.

Behind the Story: Prosper Waco

Apr 15, 2016

Welcome to Behind the Story, a program where we take you straight to the source. In this special episode we’ll talk with Prosper Waco’s executive director Matthew Polk and the organization’s director of communication Christina Helmick. In this episode we talk about defining Prosper Waco, it’s goals, and what it means for Waco. 

Brodie Bashaw, KWBU News

This month we’re taking a look at poverty in Waco--about 30.1 percent of Wacoans live below the poverty line, that’s about double the state’s poverty rate, and Waco’s median household income is $32,239 a year, that’s about $20,000 less than families make on average across Texas.