smart water use

Behind the Story: Smart-Water Use

May 20, 2016

Welcome to Behind the Story, a program where we take you straight to the source. In this episode we’ll take a look at some research that’s being conducted at Texas State Technical College in collaboration with the Texas AgriLife Extension Service. The research aims to find out just how much plants need to be watered before they get stressed and die. It’s an endeavor that can prove useful, especially here in Texas.

Researchers Study Smart Water Use Through New Garden

Apr 11, 2016

Last summer, Waco went on a record-setting 49 days without any rain. That’s not too uncommon in Texas, where areas of the state have been under drought-like conditions for years. Little to no rainfall can stress plant life, and that can lead to worried gardeners over watering their plants - which during a drought might not be the best idea. But as KWBU’s Carlos Morales reports, a new research site by the Texas Agrilife Extension Service and local master gardeners looks to study smart water use - and how gardeners can benefit from this research.