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The Texas painter has never sought the spotlight, but he spoke with Texas Standard during a career retrospective exhibit in Waco.

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The former El Paso congressman tells Texas Standard he wants to “get us past the very small, divisive politics of this moment and of the current governor.”


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The latest Texas execution protocols forbid spiritual advisers from praying aloud or touching prisoners. Some members of the high court said they feared overturning the rules would lead to a flood of requests for other religious accommodations.

By Jolie McCullough, The Texas Tribune


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“Obviously, everyone who moves to Texas might not align with Gov. Abbott’s recent legislation, but they kind of do see [it] as a lot of political noise.”


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“If you think about it from the standpoint of a traffic jam … that accident may have occurred 30 minutes or an hour ago, but it has a lasting effect,” says a Texas-based supply chain expert.


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By Rebekah Allen. Radio story produced by Rhonda Fanning & Jill

Abbott also called on the Legislature to pass a law expanding the ban on vaccine mandates.


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A Baylor College of Medicine health expert says unvaccinated people of all ages are at risk. The good news is that the vaccines offer good protection.



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The Electric Reliability Council of Texas says a large number of power plants are offline, but it could not provide details as to what may be causing the “very concerning” number of outages. At the same time, the state is experiencing near-record demand for electricity in June.


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The House and Senate still need to close a large gap between their competing bills over the next few days before the session ends, but advocates and opponents both say that’s likely to happen.


Eric Holder On Opposing Voting Restrictions: ‘We Should Be Energized, Galvanized, Motivated’

May 25, 2021
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The former U.S. attorney general says gerrymandering and voter suppression measures keep many Texas lawmakers from having to face the state’s increasingly diverse electorate.


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“[The] thing that you really see in this is the continuing divisions and just how differently different parties see the world.”


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J&J’s one-shot COVID-19 vaccine doesn’t require cold storage has been a more desirable options for mobile vaccine clinics serving medically underserved neighborhoods.


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Researchers found broad support for requiring weatherization of power plants, but not for increasing electric capacity if consumers have to foot the bill.


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The state plans increased outreach and a vaccine scheduler website, but it’s unclear when everyone who needs a vaccine will be able to get one.


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Mar 16, 2021
Sara Hogsten

“You can’t take something as really radically different in all of our lives globally and not be changed by it. You know, when people talk about going back to normal, it’s like that I don’t see that as possible in evolution.”