Brodie Bashaw

Station Manager/ Host, Morning Edition

Brodie has been with KWBU since June 5, 2000. She knows the exact date because it was less than one month before KWBU began broadcasting NPR programming.  Her commercial radio experience coupled with many years in public broadcasting, have given her a good foundation for heading up the on-air side of KWBU's operations. Brodie was raised in a military family; her father's Army stations ranged from Minnesota to Germany, Washington, Nebraska and California. But it is TEXAS she calls home! Brodie has three canine companions and loves being the aunt to 5 nieces and 4 nephews. She also enjoys playing dominos and a vairety of card and board games.  

Ways to Connect

For the first time in history, leaders are managing teams that span four generations. In this episode of the Business Review, CEO and Head Coach at Power Coaching and Consulting, shares tips on what leaders can do to be effective and bridge the gaps. 

There are four key things that leaders can do to be really successful at bridging the gap between these generations. Number one, be consistent in leadership.  Be a coach,

Sofie Hernandez-Simeonidis

A word that musicians have long used to refer to performances is today being heard far from the arts world.

Sometimes during my senior year in high school, I would slip out of one of my elective classes and go hang out in the band hall.  Very often only the assistant band director and I would be in there talking or listening to jazz or whatever, and any time he had to leave the room for something, before he walked out he would say “If my manager calls, take the gig.”  I didn’t know exactly what it meant, but thought it was just about the coolest thing I’d ever heard anyone say. (read more)

"Death by Chocloate" to health and fitness, hear about a number of valentine themed and other community events happening in and around Waco this week.  

If you have waited until now to make plans for your Valentine’s Date – Well – I guess it’s kind of romantic to live life on the edge…lucky for you there is a long list of terrific local restaurants who are offering Valentine’s specials tonight, so hopefully someone will squeeze you in.  That list includes (read more)

Join us Thursday, February 20th for Lunch this Month.  

We'll be heading to the MCC side of town having lunch at Jon Lillies Steakhouse.  Come by.  You'll meet some KWBU staff as well as other friends and supporters of NPR in Waco.   It's not a free lunch, but the company and conversations will be good. 

Catch up on how things are going at the station and walk away energized from our excitement over Power Morning 2020.   We will let you know how pre-drive is going.

The holiday season is upon us and we have some special programming in the schedule.

Dec 23

11am                       A Chanukah Celebration with Chicago A Capella

7pm                        Jonathan Winters – A Christmas Carol                                                    

8p                           SHOUT! A Gospel Music Christmas

9pm                       The Film Score: Music for the Winter Holidays                                                                                              

Ho Ho Hoping you're enjoying the holiday season.

This edition of Act Locally Waco touches on a few events happening December 20th through January 4th.  We'll have a holiday hiatus December 27 and January 3.  However, you can see the calendar of events at

There are lots of thing going on in and around town.  Scroll to see some featured happenings or give the segment a listen.

Happy Holidays from KWBU and Act Locally Waco.

What’s the best way to get into the true spirit of the holiday season?  Doing something nice for your community of course!  And, we’ve got a couple suggestions for you this week!  Ashley Thornton and Brodie Bashaw highlight some local happenings you might be interested in.

'Tis always the season to act locally Waco! This week there are quite a few holiday themed activities from the tree lighting, fireworks and the Wonderland Parade to Arts events and ways you can give back.

There's more than trick or treating to do for Halloween this year.  Hear about some of the Halloween themed events happening around town from haunted houses, Pumpkin Fest, Sitting up with the Dead, Fright Night at the Rite 3.0 to a celebration of Dia De Los Muertos.

On this edition of Act Locally Waco, Ashley Thornton and Brodie Bashaw highlight community events from the Waco Habitat Restore half price sale,  a variety of arts events and plenty of happenings with a Halloween theme.

Ashley Bean Thornton is back in the KWBU Studio for Act Locally Waco.  Ashley and Brodie Bashaw bring us details on getting involved in activities happening in and around Waco this week.

We hope most of you have been out enjoying Waco Restaurant Week. You’ve still got today and tomorrow to join in this citywide celebration of all things yummy. A few of the remaining events include the Waco Restaurant Community Dinner tonight at 7 PM at Cultivate 7twelve on Austin Avenue.  Tickets are $75 for a bottle of Wine, a three-course meal, dessert Cocktail and Live Music & Entertainment.  (more)

Act Locally Waco - Events Sept. 6 - 14

Sep 6, 2019

Waco Restaurant Week, Bubba's 33 annual charity car show, Historic Waco Foundation Family Fun Day, and Rocky Horror Picture Show Shadowcast auditions are just a few things highlighted on this edition of Act Locally Waco.

Sofie Hernandez-Simeonidis

The Texas Commission on the Arts is a quiet state agency that seeks to spread access to the arts to everyone in the state.

Here’s a little Texas tidbit for those who have grown tired of telling friends from elsewhere that we have 254 counties: The state of Texas now offers more than 500 different kinds of specialty license plates.

I’m oddly impressed by this, but I’m much more pleased by the fact that anywhere I’ve gone in the state the most prevalent one of these seems to be the “State of the Arts” plate.  For every one of them, the Texas Commission on the Arts receives $22 of the $30 annual special plate fee. And I think it’s a relatively safe bet that most of the people who have one on their car count as a friend of the arts.

Sofie Hernandez-Simeonidis

Feeling as though you are completely surrounded by a work of art is to appreciate, if only for a moment, its potential power over how we see the world.

One of the purposes of art is to transport you into another frame of reference, another place, into someone else’s experience and point of view.  The more immersive the art experience, the more you are transported.  I recently had experiences with visual art that were totally immersive and, because of that, totally transformative. 

Some health systems are encouraging select emergency department patients who are stable and don't need intensive round-the-clock care to choose hospital-level care at home rather than remaining in the hospital.