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Baylor Connections
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Baylor Connections introduces the Waco community to the people behind Baylor’s teaching, research and distinct role in higher education, and provides additional information and context to issues facing the University and higher education.

Latest Episodes
  • How can a chemistry lab be made accessible so that students with blindness can pursue their love of science and build a career? Bryan Shaw, professor of chemistry and biochemistry, is asking these questions and providing answers. In this Baylor Connections, he takes listeners inside the specific approaches to inclusion science for chemistry labs and concepts, and shares how a significant grant from the National Institutes of Health is boosting these efforts.
  • Postdoctoral researchers are a fixture on research university campuses, and their numbers are growing at Baylor. In this Baylor Connections, discover the ways postdoctoral researchers enliven research and contribute to Baylor’s R1 recognition. Blake Thomas, manager of Baylor’ Postdoctoral Scholars Program and Dr. Michelle Herridge, postdoctoral teaching fellow in Baylor’s Academy for Teaching and Learning, share the significance of the profession in higher education and share how Baylor serves this important group of scholars.
  • Bradley Bolen has experienced the powerful ways that music can cross cultural boundaries and brighten challenging circumstances. Dr. Bolen is a senior lecturer in piano in Baylor’s School of Music, a Steinway artist and a faculty member for American Voices. With American Voices, he has worked with students in nations like Iraq and Syria. In this Baylor Connections, he takes listeners inside powerful cross-cultural experiences around the globe.
  • In this episode of Baylor Connections, Jason Cook shares a “State of the Baylor Brand” report. Cook, Vice President of Marketing and Communications and Chief Marketing Officer, examines the impact of R1 research recognition, Give Light, new facilities, student interest and more on national perception and interest in Baylor University.
  • From national championships and Big 12 titles to new facilities and GPA records, the 2021-22 academic year heralded much to celebrate throughout Baylor Athletics. In this Baylor Connections, Mack Rhoades, Vice President and Director of Intercollegiate Athletics, examines key milestones from the past year, previews upcoming facilities, discusses the process of coaching searches and more.
  • How can buildings be designed with the health of their occupants in mind? That’s a question with answers found in evidence-based design, where research uncovers design elements that can promote the health of those who live or work in them. Debra Harris, associate professor of interior design, co-leads a research team creating software that makes evidence-based design accessible to building designers. In this Baylor Connections, she takes listeners inside healthy buildings and previews the upcoming software launch.
  • International experiences are an integral part of the Louise Herrington School of Nursing (LHSON). From missions projects around the globe to study abroad opportunities, students grow as professionals as they serve those around them. In this Baylor Connections, Lori Spies, tenured associate professor and missions coordinator in Baylor Nursing, takes listeners around the world to locations where LHSON students and faculty can be found.
  • The summer months present a significant opportunity to connect incoming Baylor students to the Baylor Family. In this Baylor Connections, Dr. Sharra Hynes, Associate Vice President and Dean of Students in the Division of Student Life, shares how. From Line Camp to New Student Orientation, discover how distinct Baylor programs give students a head start on friendships, campus traditions and more.
  • From stark renderings of the Texas desert to soaring mountain scenes, Winter Rusiloski brings landscapes to life on canvas. Rusiloski serves as associate professor of painting in Baylor’s Department of Art and Art History, and is an award-winning professional painter. In this Baylor Connections, she discusses the scenes that draw her to paint and examines the meaning of teaching the art to students.
  • Families from throughout the community benefit from the services provided by the Baylor Center for Developmental Disabilities (BCDD), serving those with Autism Spectrum Disorder and other disabilities. In this Baylor Connections, Kristen Padilla, Director of the Baylor Center for Developmental Disabilities and is a Clinical Assistant Professor in the Department of Educational Psychology in the School of Education, takes listeners inside the array of services provided by Baylor to meet the needs of a disorder that impacts an estimated 1 in 44 children.