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Baylor Connections
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Baylor Connections introduces the Waco community to the people behind Baylor’s teaching, research and distinct role in higher education, and provides additional information and context to issues facing the University and higher education.

Latest Episodes
  • Baylor’s Faith and Character Study has yielded insights into student spiritual development that have led to greater understanding and tangible changes to better serve students. Kevin Dougherty, professor of sociology and co-director of the study, takes listeners inside the study on this Baylor Connections, sharing what factors really make a difference in helping students grow spiritually.
  • In the past year, Baylor has been named one of the nation’s 10 most trusted universities, was recognized among the country’s elite universities for teaching and research and has earned national honors for excellence in numerous areas. There’s plenty of exciting news to share at Baylor and Jason Cook, vice president for marketing and communications, talks about the momentum at Baylor, branding the Big 12 and more on this Baylor Connections.
  • Chet Garner, a 2006 Baylor Law alum, hosts the Emmy Award-winning Texas travel show, The Daytripper. As the face of Baylor’s Bears in the Wild alumni campaign, he encourages alumni around the country to connect with their fellow Bears. In this Baylor Connections, Garner takes listeners inside his Baylor experience, his love for Baylor University and the Lone Star State, and the joys of traveling Texas highways to share hidden gems with viewers.
  • Proximity, policy and research play significant roles in the Baylor Collaborative on Hunger and Poverty’s fight to end food insecurity. In this Baylor Connections, Jeremy Everett, BCHP executive director, conveys the heart behind the call to feed the hungry, both close to home and around the world, and examines how relationships, high-level research and multi-sector partnerships boost the work they do.
  • As technology becomes a more prevalent part of health care communication, the role of compassionate communication remains important as mediums change. Ashley Barrett, associate professor in communication, recently earned a prestigious NSF CAREER Award to study how patients and providers adopt and adapt together. In this Baylor Connections, she takes listeners inside that study and examines communication’s role in health outcomes.
  • After 22 years teaching at LSU and UT-Dallas, Julia Chan returned to her alma mater last winter to serve as the inaugural holder of The Tim and Sharalynn Fenn Family Endowed Chair in Materials Science at Baylor. In this Baylor Connections, she takes listeners inside her renowned work in quantum materials, explains the goal to build materials with exotic properties and shares the motivation to grow materials science studies at Baylor.
  • Teens today face an array of challenges that are different than those of prior generations. In this Baylor Connections, Jessica Peck, clinical professor in Baylor’s Louise Herrington School of Nursing and a pediatric nurse practitioner, unpacks ways parents can connect with their teens on mental health issues and other needs, and takes listeners inside the many ways Baylor Nursing research is making an impact.
  • How can individuals play a role in bridging racial divides? In this Baylor Connections, George Yancey, Professor of the Social Sciences, shares insights. Through collaborative conversations, Yancey sees opportunities to find understanding. He shares the qualities of collaborative conversations, examines the impact of language and considers approaches to racial discussions that go beyond colorblindness and antiracism.
  • How can citizens, in this political environment, approach politics from a healthy viewpoint and form opinions about complex issues? David Corey, professor of political science and director of the Baylor in Washington program, tackles these topics and more on this Baylor Connections. Dr. Corey examines healthy ways to view the role of politics and shares steps that allow people to better form not only their own opinions on an issue, but to understand where those with opposing viewpoints are coming from — promoting civil discourse and understanding.
  • What does it mean to mentor students? How can multiple disciplines come together to examine how churches address social challenges? For Stephanie Boddie, these are questions she lives out every day. Boddie serves as Assistant Professor of Church and Community Ministries—a joint position in Baylor’s Diana R. Garland School of Social Work, School of Education, and George W. Truett Theological Seminary and, in 2020, she was named as an Undergraduate Research Mentor of the Year. In this Baylor Connections, she shares how those threads come together to address food insecurity, social services, race and more.