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Likely Stories
Thursday at 7:44am and 4:46pm, Saturday at 8:34am and Sunday at 9:34am

Likely Stories returns June 1, 2023.

Although long-time host Jim McKeown has retired, we are happy to announce the return of this local segment featuring a variety of hosts that include Elizabeth Barnhill, Gia Chevis, and Kevin Tankersley. Likely Stories airs Thursdays during Morning Edition and All Things Considered and Saturday and Sunday during Weekend Edition on 103.3 Waco Public Radio - KWBU.

For this next chapter of Likely Stories we are bringing in and looking for a wide range of voracious readers in age, ethnicity and gender. If you think you'd be a good fit, reach out via email - mailto:

Likely Stories - Thursdays at 7:44am and 4:46pm, Saturdays at 8:34am and Sundays at 9:34am on 103.3, Waco Public Radio - KWBU.

Latest Episodes
  • Outside of narrative fiction I'm rather partial to memoirs. In recent years I've vicariously lived amongst rock stars, performing artists, and iconic comedians. Today I want to talk about the strangest, and at times, the most frustrating memoir I've ever read.
  • Have you ever been to the Grand Canyon? It is one of my favorite National Parks and one of the most memorable places I have visited.Standing on the edge of the Grand Canyon, I was overwhelmed with sublime awe, I felt small and insignificant, contemplating the unfathomable scale of earth time. I felt the same way reading Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind by Yoo vuhl Noah Hraa ree.
  • Hello. My name is Douglas Henry, Dean of the Honors College at Baylor University.For this week's Likely Stories, I'll be discussing The Ascent. A gripping new thriller, the debut novel of Adam Plantinga.
  • Maybe it's the point in my life right now but aging slowly sounds devine."How to Stop Time," by Matt Haig, shares the story of Tom Hazard, who has a dangerous secret. He looks 40-ish, but he has actually lived for centuries.
  • Welcome to Likely Stories. I’m Paige Connell, and I’m a 9th grade English teacher at Midway High School, and today I want to talk about Kristin Hannah’s latest historical fiction masterpiece, The Women.
  • Over the years there have been numerous books that have lingered hopelessly in my list of titles to read. Novels that have captured my interest, sparked my curiosity, and then…found themselves hanging in the ether as I’ve neither found, nor made the time to actually read them. However, one title that has evaded this perpetual limbo is Chain-Gang All-Stars. The debut novel by Nana Kwame Adjei-Brenyah.
  • My name is Harrison Otis, and I'm a graduate student in the English Department at Baylor University. Today I'm reviewing Peace Like a River, the 2001 debut novel by Minnesota author Leif Enger.
  • John Hopkins Hospital... Medical Revolution...and Henrietta Lacks...are words that will ring in your mind for endless days after reading "The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks" by Rebecca Skloot.
  • I've read many novels that have one or two well developed main characters, while all other characters seem more one dimensional, supporting cast types. But the novel Black Cake by Charmaine Wilkerson couldn't be more opposite of this.
  • Even though knowing better, Gia Chevis is a sucker for "before you die" lists. She has found one read that doesn't make the cut for her.