David and Art - The Critic at Work

3 minutes ago

When you read the work of a great critic, you instantly understand why they’re a critical part of the art world.

Is popularity important for art? Is there a relationship between something being good and something being popular? Should the people decide what deserves the label “art” or should it be left to the experts and critics?

Answers to these questions vary wildly. At the outset of the Modernist period, around the 1880s, many artists began to think of themselves as being the true critics—that is, critics of the grubby materialism they thought was the primary quality of contemporary middle-class life, a materialism that prevented most people from even appreciating art that wasn’t just crass and trite.  Therefore, anything the

The Awakening Echoes were one of a long list of innovative gospel artists who recorded for Houston’s Peacock label.

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Downtown Depot - Shelley Gay

Jan 21, 2022

Austin Meek's guest is Shelley Gay, owner of Olive Door Imports in downtown Waco. She talks about her love of 19th & 19th century European antiques, and how she's approaching community building, as a recent Wacoan.

Baylor Connections - Bernd Zechmann

Jan 21, 2022

Core research centers at Baylor contain state-of-the-art equipment that students and faculty across campus utilize for impactful research projects. Bernd Zechmann leads one of these centers—he serves as director of the Center for Microscopy and Imaging and as an associate research professor at Baylor. In this Baylor Connections, Dr. Zechmann takes listeners inside labs that advance multidisciplinary projects and spur R1 research.

Act Locally Waco - January 21-27

Jan 21, 2022

Find out about events in the area, and ways you can be involved in the Greater Waco area!

Business Review - The Way Forward

Jan 20, 2022

 Author and speaker, Tom Corley, talks about how to get back on your feet after losing a job.  

Michael Minasi/KUT

The fire burned about 783 acres on Tuesday, and was 30% contained as of Wednesday morning.

David and Art - Joan Mitchell

Jan 17, 2022

Joan Mitchell was an American artist at the center of the 20th century American scene.

You probably know the name Jackson Pollock. You might know Mark Rothko and Willem de Kooning.  You know Barnett Newman.  They all were part of a movement in American art known as “abstract expressionism” that broke out in the late 1940s and early 1950s. Though their work was often hard to make sense of, it was hailed even by mainstream American publications like Life Magazine as the very expression of American energy in the postwar world.

Now let me tell you the name of another artist associated with that movement, one not nearly as well known and widely celebrated. Her name was Joan Mitchell and she was as good as any of the names you know.   I recently saw a big retrospective of her work and it just blew me away.  I came away realizing that if I didn’t

SHOUT! Black Gospel Music Moments - Diane McKoy

Jan 16, 2022

Diane McKoy’s remarkable career has included acclaim in both gospel and bluegrass circles.

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KWBU Station President Joe Riley and Station Manager Brodie Bashaw have a discussion about the state of KWBU, and visions of the future as we "Imagine the Possibilities".

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Baylor Connections - Todd Still

Jan 14, 2022

Baylor’s George W. Truett Theological Seminary enjoyed incredible growth in 2021, from new academic programs and campuses to initiatives that reduce the cost of education for students. In this Baylor Connections, Dr. Todd Still, The Charles J. and Eleanor McLerran DeLancey Dean and The William M. Henson Professor of Christian Scriptures at Truett, takes listeners inside a variety of exciting benchmarks and explains how they enhance the ways Truett is “of, by, and for the Church.”

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Act Locally Waco - January 14-20, 2022

Jan 14, 2022

Act Locally is back for 2022! Discover the many ways you can Act Locally this week in the Greater Waco Area.

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Considering the content of the movie Shattered Pieces, it’s ironic how film maker, Kerry Ann Frazier’s face lights up when you ask her about the film.

Shattered Pieces is my domestic violence survival story…”

Why do certain unethical employees seem to get away with everything?
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John Roberts wants to review procedures that land many patent cases in Marshall and Waco.