An Artist who helped American painting get past the dominant style of her day get her story told in a new book. 

Last week I mentioned a new biography of artist Helen Frankenthaler entitled Fierce Poise that I’m really looking forward to reading.  Maybe this summer.  Her career was a remarkable one, and her influence on American art very significant.

In 1952 she painted a breakthrough piece called Mountains and Sea.  Because muted color made up so much of the visual impact of her painting, this new style became known as “color field” painting, one of the successor movements to abstract expressionism.  Morris Louis, who became one of Frankenthaler’s fellow “color field”

Did you know Ike and Tina Turner once released a great gospel LP in 1973?

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Central Texas Leadership Series - Hector Sabido

May 14, 2021

In this episode of KWBU's Central Texas Leadership Series, station president Joe Riley has a conversation with Waco City Councilman Hector Sabido.

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Baylor Connections - Cheolho Sim

May 14, 2021

Mosquitoes are massive agents of the spread of diseases like malaria and the West Nile virus around the world.  Cheolho Sim, associate professor of biology, has dedicated his research towards suppressing mosquito populations and slowing the spread of disease, recently earning a grant from the National Science Foundation to advance those efforts. In this Baylor Connections, Sim shares how genomic research into a mosquito’s circadian rhythm could be key to slowing the spread of disease, and examines how his lab lives out its motto, “driven by science, guided by compassion.”

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Janie Chodosh has written a marvelous story of The Elephant Doctor of India.  She is a former elementary-and-middle-school educator and environmental scientist at Santa Fe Community College.

Women face many factors in regards to advancement and persistence in an Information Technology career. Dr. Cindy Riemenschneider, professor at Baylor University, discusses her research about shattering the glass ceiling in this episode of the Business Review.


Severe Weather Season Can Bring Some Confusion

May 10, 2021
Lisa Monahan

Even though we can get severe weather anytime during the year, we are now in the peak storm season, and there is still some confusion when it comes to updates from the National Weather Service.

There’s that saying that if you don’t like the weather in Texas, just wait, it will change.  And so far, 2021 has not disappointed.  In February, the City of Waco stayed below freezing for a record 205 hours.  That beat the record of 150 hours set back in 1983.

And just a week ago there were severe storms in the area.  

Telling the story of a woman who moved American painting onward from a once dominant style.

Artist biographies are, for me, a pretty safe bet when it comes to reading material. If it’s about an artist I like, whose work I like, I can get a lot out of a good biography.  There’s a new one out of an artist named Helen Frankenthaler that, while I haven’t got the book yet, is giving me a chance to reflect on her and her work and I’m looking forward to reading it.  She deserves a good 

The guitar playing Holmes Sisters were clearly acolytes of the immortal Sister Rosetta Tharp, as "Gonna Ride This Train" quickly makes clear.

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On this episode of Downtown Depot, host Austin Meek talks to Eddie Garcia.  They discuss the lessons he's learned as a young business owner.  Garcia also talks about the lessons he has learned from his hard working immigrant parents.

Baylor Connections - Drew Pittman

May 7, 2021

What goes into coordinating events like home football games, commencement ceremonies, basketball games and more at venues like McLane Stadium and the Ferrell Center? As Associate Athletic Director for Event Management and Facilities, Drew Pittman works to coordinate a variety of teams into a concerted effort that ensures a safe and fun experience for fans and attendees. In this Baylor Connections, Pittman examines how he and his team navigated the challenges of COVID-19, and shares a personal story of adoption, as he and his wife, Alyssa, opened their homes and hearts in a unique and meaningful way.

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The other day, I found The Paris Library by Janet Skeslien Charles.  She is an award-winning author, and she divides her time between Montana and Paris.