David and Art - "Curiosity"

May 20, 2019
Joe Riley

What it takes to really get into history are the same qualities it takes to get into art. This is not a coincidence.

The Mighty Superiors, known from only a couple of obscure 45s on the Song Bird label, prove that in gospel music an artist doesn't have to be famous to be good. 

Hospital emergency departments can go from near ghost towns to overcrowded in no time at all, which can create a recipe for long waits for some patients.




Downtown Depot - Hunter Harlow

May 17, 2019
(Kateleigh Mills/KWBU Radio)

In Episode 64 of Downtown Depot, show host Austin Meek interviews Hunter Harlow. Hunter is El Jefe of Sendero Provisions Co., an outdoor goods retailer based in Waco that has turned into an e-commerce giant. Before that interview, Meek gets real estate updates from commercial expert Gregg Glime and residential expert Austin Hooper, and he learns about the city's growing taco culture from Annie Wilde of @waco_foodies.

Baylor Connections - Dr. Linda Livingstone

May 17, 2019
(Kateleigh Mills/KWBU Radio)

Baylor University recently celebrated the announcement of a historic $100 million dollar gift—the largest current gift ever received by the University. In this Baylor Connections, President Linda Livingstone shares the excitement of this transformative moment, answers questions about its impact and explains the gift’s two major areas—endowed faculty positions and a new Baylor Basketball Pavilion.

Act Locally Waco - Events May 17 - 23

May 17, 2019

This week on Act Locally Waco, host Ashley Thornton talks about the events for budding entrepreneurs in Waco and other community involvement happenings. 

Learning Opportunities For Entrepreneurs: 

The Work of Artists – Step 1: Build a Base   Creative Waco is offering a three-part series on helping you build your creative career.   

Novel by one of the great writers of the 20th century

In this episode of the Business Review, Asana CEO and Facebook Co-founder Dustin Moskovitz explains how better time management can help employees focus on what’s important.