Analysis: A Winter Storm Leaves Texas With A Black Eye

Feb 22, 2021
Miguel Gutierrez Jr. / The Texas Tribune

The Texas government’s failures in the face of a winter storm have been very hard on Texans, and could do lasting damage to the state’s reputation.

David and Art - "The Image of the President"

Feb 22, 2021

From the beginning of the American republic, artists have played a role in shaping the image of the presidency.

The U.S. presidency is much on people’s minds these days, to put it mildly, and over the past few years there’s a been lot of talk about the proper kind of image the President should put forward.

Today is George Washington’s birthday and I’m thinking of an interesting book entitled The Painter’s Chair: George Washington and the Making of American Art by historian Hugh Howard. It tells the story of the many times Washington patiently 

First and third Fridays are regular air dates for Downtown Depot with Austin Meek.  With the "big freeze" we experienced this week in Waco, it is understandable Austin and his guest we unable to make it to the studio. 

At the very last minute, we reached out to Waco Mayor Dillon Meek and he made time to come in the studio to talk about the state of the city with KWBU's Joe Riley. 

This conversation was recorded at 10:30am on Friday, February 19, 2021.

Baylor Connections - Dr. Ronald Angelo Johnson

Feb 19, 2021

Black History Month provides a meaningful time to study and consider the history and contributions of Black Americans. In this Baylor Connections, Dr. Ronald Angelo Johnson, the Ralph and Bessie Mae Lynn Chair of History at Baylor, examines ways we can intentionally expand study of and appreciation for the impact and history of Black Americans, further enriching our understanding of what it means to be an American.

Measuring The Economic Impact Of This Week’s Storm

Feb 19, 2021
Julia Reihs/KUT

Ray Perryman of The Perryman Group says he expects the impact to be in the billions but not as big as Hurricane Harvey.

I’m Jim McKeown, welcome to Likely Stories, a weekly review of fiction, non-fiction, and poetry.

Susan Minot is a tremendously gifted writer who reminds me of two of my favorite writers—Henry James and Iris Murdoch.  To me, they recall the fluid language, thoughtful introspection, and voices with memorable prose.  Susan is the author of Monkeys, Lust & Other Stories, and Folly.  A mesmerizing experience is how I describe Evening by Susan Minot.  

David and Art - "Reading Zola"

Feb 15, 2021

When a great artist returns to a topic over and over again it’s a sign that if we pay attention we could experience something significant.

Last week I mentioned that I hope to someday read through all of August Wilson’s “Pittsburgh Cycle” plays from start to finish. I think that in doing so, what I would get out of it would be a better understanding of Wilson’s vision of life and a very different and valuable angle on American history.

There’s another author I’m already doing something like this with.  A friend and colleague of mine in the history department and I have undertaken to read through an entire cycle of novels by a French writer named Emile Zola. 

Zola was a master of a genre that in Europe was called “naturalism,” but among most

Central Texas Leadership Series - Dr. Peaches Henry

Feb 12, 2021

Dr. Peaches Henry is President of the Waco Chapter of the NAACP. In this episode of KWBU’s Central Texas Leadership Series, she speaks about the work being done to combat racism and promote racial equity in our community.

Research and teaching are not separate functions of the Baylor experience, but rather inform one another and enhance engaged learning for students. In this Baylor Connections, Dr. Rizalia Klausmeyer, director of the Office of Undergraduate Research in Baylor’s Office of Engaged Learning, describes the impact of research experiences for students and shares ways they can get involved in research across a variety of disciplines.

Dominic Anthony Walsh / Texas Public Radio

Many rule changes made in response to the West explosion have been rolled back by the federal government.

I’m Jim McKeown, welcome to Likely Stories, a weekly review of fiction, non-fiction, and poetry.

According to the jacket, Gina Wilkinson is, “an award-winning journalist, author, foreign correspondent, and documentarian.  While in Iraq, she was under tight surveillance.  Gina now works in international development, supporting efforts to end poverty in the developing world.  When the Apricots Bloom is her first novel.


Julia Reihs/KUT

There are 11 million Texans to vaccinate in the 1B group alone.

Visit Big Bend

David and Art - August Wilson

Feb 8, 2021

Thinking about a great playwright, and his century-long account of what life was like for millions of Americans.

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