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Behind The Story: Paranormal Activity

Courtsey of Mclennan County Paranormal Investigations http://txmcpi.com/
Mike and Cindy Jacobus

This week we told you about Mike and Cindy Jacobus, the founders of Mclennan County Paranormal Investigations. They’re ghost hunters--yep just like the reality TV show--and they’ve started their own Ghost Tour in Waco. From its fame as “Six Shooter Junction” in the 1800s to the Tornado that leveled downtown in 1953, Waco has its fair share of ghoulish stories. And the Jacobus couple are here to tell them.


Mike and Cindy have been working as paranormal investigators since 2008. I was interested in hearing a little more about how they got into ghost hunting, how they go about their research, and of course, what kind of things that go bump in the night they’d bumped into. Mike and Cindy’s ghost walk takes place on the first Saturday of every month at 8pm. They meet at Ninfa’s Mexican restaurant in downtown Waco.This interview was recorded on June 5th, 2014 in the KWBU studios.