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Lightning Temporarily Shuts Down Parts Of Waco Water Plants

Monday’s storm caused problems at Waco’s three water treatment plants. Some instruments failed at the City’s riverside plant and Mt. Carmel plant. The city’s main water treatment plant, which built to was And the ozonation system at the city’s main water treatment plant also temporarily went offline due to a lightning strike. Ozonation is a disinfection process.

"What we lost was the ozonation part for last night and this morning and it has since been fixed and is back online," said Jonathan Echols with Waco Water.

The City of Waco holds about 30 million gallons in storage and at this point of the year uses about 30 million gallons a day. So the city had about a day’s buffer time to get the system back online. Waco received 3.29 inches of rain last night according to the National Weather Service.