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Scores of Weapons Counted; Don Carlos To Sue


Waco Police have counted more than 300 weapons from the Twin Peaks shootout that left 9 dead, and 18 injured Sunday afternoon. That includes 118 handguns, 157 knives and even an AK-47 tucked away in one of the vehicles in the restaurant’s parking lot. Earlier this week Waco Police spokesperson Patrick Swanton said officials had picked up most of the evidence, including the scores of weapons found, bullet fragments and shell casings.

"I think this shows the level of violence that they thought was going to go on here and knew most likely would occur, it just shows the level for criminal violence when you have gangs involved," Swanton said.

Initially police projected up to 1,000 weapons would be discovered at the Twin Peaks Restaurant. According to the Associated Press, who was given access to security footage from Sunday’s events, many of the bikers on the patio ducked under tables and tried to get inside the restaurant away from the conflict. The franchise has yet to release the video publicly, citing the ongoing investigation.

And Don Carlos Mexican restaurant is suing Twin Peaks. Earlier this afternoon, Buzbee Lawfirm, who’s representing the Mexican restaurant chain, issued a press release saying that Peakstatic Beverage LLC, the owner and franchisor of Twin Peaks was “grossly negligent in operating the franchise.”

Tony Buzbee, the lead counsel representing Don Carlos, said in the press release “Twin Peaks didn’t just add gas to the fire, it threw the match. Inviting armed rival gangs to a place where alcohol is served is not only unwise, it’s reckless”