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Act Locally Waco Returns to KWBU July 2nd

Back in the 50’s and 60’s the City of Waco used this catchy jingle to promote the city…

“(jingle) We have the best darn folks you’ll ever know make livin really grand, Waco, Waco, that’s my hometown...”

But for listeners of KWBU, it meant the Act Locally Waco segment was about to air, and then COVID hit.  And as events began to get cancelled and postponed, so did the Act Locally Waco Segment, until now.

President and CEO of KWBU, Joe Riley, says it was more than a calendar of events.

“One of the things going on in Waco, not just things to do, but ways to be involved. And things that are coming up every week, and it became one of our most popular segments.”

Act Locally Waco was created by Ashley Bean Thornton, as a way to celebrate all of the creative and fun things happening in Waco.  Now, Act Locally Waco is part of Prosper Waco and it’s designed to get residents involved in the community.

“The motto is Enjoy Waco, Get Involved.  I love that, that two-sided piece of it because that’s really, that’s healthy for a community, that’s healthy for individuals.”

That’s Ferrell Foster, he’s the content specialist for care and communication for Prosper Waco.  He says that Act Locally Waco is a way for people to help give back to the community, especially nonprofits.

“And that’s really why it’s been so important for us to get our calendar of events going and get this going, so we can get those people involved and engaged.

Debbie Wright is the content creator for the Whole Enchilada, part of the Act Locally Waco website, and will be the new host for Act Locally Waco here at KWBU. 

Act Locally Waco returns this Friday during Morning Edition and All Things Considered, and you can find out how to enjoy Waco and get involved online at Act Locally Waco dot org.