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Power Morning 2022 - Feb. 24th

We are gearing up for the annual KWBU Power Morning.  The one day we limit fundraising to just three hours - 6 until 9 during Morning Edition.  

If you're new to Waco, but not to public radio, you will appreciate this condensed campaign which allows us to bring you more programming with less fundraising.  

This year our goal is $65,000 and 65 new members.  The dollar goal helps us to continue with programs you expect from an NPR station from Morning Edition to Wait Wait Don't Tell Me.  

New members will help KWBU grow.  Since 2010 McLennan County has increased in population by almost eleven percent (10.83%).  KWBU's member base has not stayed on pace, or even near that growth.  In order for this local station to serve our public, we must increase local support.  

We are doing what we do now with only six percent of listeners donating.  With 94% not currently giving, we know the 65 new member goal is attainable.  Power Morning gives you an opportunity to join in -  and your support will help your NPR service grow with our community.

If you're new to Waco, or a long time listener who hasn't given before, please make TODAY the day you join.  You don't have to wait.

With all of us working together, imagine the possibilities.