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Baylor’s 'Afrique' cultural showcase celebrates African culture through fashion

Baylor University's African Student Association E-board.

Baylor’s African Student Association will host their annual 'Afrique' show on March 16, an event that showcases the diverse African communities on campus.

The African Student Association at Baylor University will host a fashion and cultural showcase this Saturday called ‘Afrique.’ Attendees will get to see the many aspects of African culture represented through style and fashion.

The event will be held in the Cashion Academic Center in room 506 at 6 p.m.

Lasalette Sumbe, the senior social chair of Baylor’s ASA organization, says the event was started years ago by Baylor alumni with the hope of bringing together the many different African students at Baylor.

Sumbe: “As you know, Baylor has a very diverse African student population, but most of it is Nigerian. So what AFRIQ does is it takes all the smaller demographics in the Baylor population, African demographics, and it brings them all together to enjoy each other's culture.”

A major focus for the organization was to keep a large portion of the event local. Many of the fashion models are Baylor students, modeling clothes made by local Waco fashion designers.

Attendees are also encouraged to wear their traditional garbs if they have them.

Sumbe: “But whether you have traditional wear or not, everyone is welcome”

Sumbe says the Afrique event has allowed her to celebrate her African culture by seeing it represented on campus.

Sumbe: “I didn't see a lot of people like myself growing up. So coming to Baylor and seeing people coming from so many walks of life, so many different countries, it means a lot to see people like me, people that I can relate to.”

For more information and where to buy tickets, visit the ASA’s Instagram page @baylor_asa.