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Mayborn Museum celebrates 20th year anniversary with unveiling of life-size mammoth sculptures

Outside of the Mayb
Autumn Jones
Visitors of the Mayborn Museum admire the life-size bronze mammoth statues.

A weekend of celebration marked the the completion of the first phase of a 10-year renovation plan.

The Mayborn Museum celebrated its 20th anniversary this past weekend with a masquerade gala and sculpture unveiling, officially marking the end of the first phase in the museums 10-year plan to renovate its natural science and cultural history exhibits.

The sculptures, bronze life-sized mammoths, were created by sculptor Tom Tischler. They were molded after mammoths from the Waco Mammoth National Monument.

The second phase of the Mayborn renovation will focus on expanding exhibits that feature the local regions ecology, including Texas forests, the Brazos River and Central Texas caves.

The Mayborn says the $16 million renovation plan is to reignite curiosity in museum visitors by creating more detailed, hands-on and immersive exhibits.

You can learn more about the Mayborn Museum's 10-year plan here.