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Downtown Depot
First and Third Fridays at 11:30am and 8pm

Downtown Depot is a new show from KWBU. Featuring host Austin Meek, the 30-minute show will look at the ins and outs of development in Waco. Each week you can hear interviews with local entrepreneurs, city officials, and people with a stake in developing our city on the Brazos. During the show you'll also hear updates about new businesses, closures and development rumblings around town. But we also want to hear from you. Is there a building or an update on development that you want to know about? Let us know.

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Latest Episodes
  • In this episode, host Austin Meek talks with barbecue pit master Phil Helberg of Helberg Barbecue. They talk about how he developed his business and his art, and what it meant to be named one of the top 50 barbecue joints in the state in Texas Monthly magazine.
  • On this edition of Downtown Depot, host Austin Meek talks with Swayze Ray, creative director and editorial stylist. Conversations include talking about opening a storefront during covid, closing the store front during covid, and ways to support Waco‘s artistic community even if you aren’t the one willing to take the risk. Also on the program, Dr. Hannah Ermon, one of the competitors of dancing with the Waco stars.
  • Host Ausitn Meek is joined by Josh Borderud, city council person for District 3 and a professor at the Baylor law school. They talk about coming onto the council during Covid, his goals for improving his district, and differences he’s noticed in Waco‘s young people. Before that interview, he talks with Katherine Bennett and Morgan Eyering about targeting Waco‘s young professionals at the Art Center of Waco.
  • Host Austin Meek is joined by Austin Hooper, residential real estate expert, to talk about what's happening with inflation rates and the local housing stock in Waco. Before then he focuses on multi family living, interviewing Caitland Rodgers, a brand new developer on the Elm Ave., corridor providing 49 new apartments, including affordable housing.
  • Host Austin Meek's guest is Jenny Passavant. Jenny is a fashion designer and co-owner of the fresh cut flower shop, Bloom. They talk about her experience working with manufacturers overseas for Ralph Lauren and how she decided to turn her floral hobby into a business.But before that interview, we check in with Megan Davis of Waco Parks and Recreation for The Word on the Street.
  • Austin's guest for this episode is multi disciplinarian Bryan Fonville. Bryan is an executive at a local bank and shares his thoughts on rising interest rates as well as the various local groups to which he donates his time.Plus, The Word on the Street features Samuel Thomas and Louis Hunter, co-founders of the upcoming Deep in the Heart Film Festival.
  • On this edition of Downtown Depot, host Austin Meek interviews John Bible, CEO and Executive Director of the CenTex African-American Chamber of Commerce. John talks about creating business opportunities in black neighborhoods and how the organization has changed under his leadership. And, the Word on the Street segments features Bradyn Braziel and Ethan Truman of the Silent House Theater company.
  • In Episode 123 of Downtown Depot, show host Austin Meek interviews Wannika Muhammad. Wannika goes in-depth about her 30-year trucking career and later details the ways East Waco has gentrified in the midst of the city’s revitalization.
  • In this episode, host Austin Meek talks with filmmaker Chris Charles Scott, and focuses on Scott's documentary about Baylor basketball - Ode to Joy.
  • Central Texas music artist Pirscription joins host Austin Meek to talk about his roots in West, how he's been working to connect Waco's Hip Hop scene, and…