Business Review - Problem Solving with Gratitude

Apr 23, 2020

Gratitude can do more than insprie and motivate.  What do you when it's hard to feel grateful?

“Intuitively we go, "Yeah, gratitude makes a lot of sense," but what do you do when it's hard to feel grateful for what's going on? That's when I stumbled across the science, the research that was done that showed that gratitude not only can change your outlook in difficult circumstances, but it can help you to overcome conflict, and even change your brain chemistry.”

How we choose to respond to circumstances can help incorporate gratitude into even 

the most difficult situations.

“You always have the opportunity to choose how to respond to your circumstances, whatever those circumstances what might be. It's not the circumstances that are causing you difficulty it's the way that we think about those circumstances.”

He also shares that reflecting on what you know not to do can help you with problem-solving.

“So, looking at what it is that you know not to do, when you don't know what to do, can point you in the direction of finding new solutions, and avoiding old habits. Because if you are doing what you’ve always done, the question that life asks of us, what is it that you are going to do today that comes from a place of gratitude.  Because that place of gratitude points towards what is, that place of gratitude, science shows us, can help improve and change your brain chemistry, reduce conflict, and eliminate some of the challenges, by looking in the direction of what it is that you have, versus what it is that you don't.”

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