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Art and culture

Joe Riley

Buying an original work of art is like nothing else you can purchase.  But, that doesn't mean it's difficult.

For decades, the Windy City Four have popularized the glorious jubilee-styled harmonies of Gospel's Golden Age.

Information on the Dec. 7 Doris Miller Memorial Dedication along with a week of many festive activities are included in this edition of Act Locally Waco.  

Fun YA novel of a young girl obsessed with meeting Paul McCartney.

David and Art - Nutcracker

Dec 3, 2018
Joe Riley

For lots of Americans, a Russian ballet is as much a part of Christmas as packages under the tree.

Joe Riley

For some, a holiday tradition includes seeing a ballet company production of  the "Nutcracker." 

The Original Blind Boys of Mississippi's Archie Brownlee was the greatest soulful shouter gospel music ever produced.

In the last few decades, street art has transformed from a mostly illegal medium used by artists in urban environments to a global art movement of sought-after pieces earning millions at art auctions. We discuss this and more with Blek le Rat, the world's most famous Parisian street artist and father of the art form's stencil-based technique, and Brian Greif, an art collector showing Banksy's San Francisco piece "Haight Street Rat" in Waco and around the world.

Holiday happenings and more are highlighted in this edition of Act Locally Waco. (more)

Interesting story of a young man out of college dealing with his friend and his family.


David and Art - Jazz

Nov 26, 2018
Joe Riley

Why is it that Jazz music is often regarded as one of the most distictively American art forms? 

"His Love Flows Through Me Like a River" is the legendary Paul Leka's attempt to create a gospel-inflected classic.

Woman’s story of her coming of age in boarding school, then missing her mother in college.

David and Art - Thanksgiving

Nov 19, 2018
Joe Riley

During WWII, painter Norman Rockwell tried to portray one of Franklin Roosevelt’s Four Freedoms and produced a work of art we can still be thankful for.

The Light of the World Choir's self-produced LP features one great song - "Set Your Affection on Things Above"