Central Texas

Nan Holmes visits with Rodney Martin on this edition of the Central Texas Leadership Series.  Rodney is President and CEO of the YMCA of Central Texas.  

Behind the Story: The History of Central Texas' Negro League

Sep 18, 2015
Carlos Morales

This week on Behind the Story we talk with Eric Robinson about the history of central Texas' Negro League teams. Robinson talks about Jackie Robinson's Texas ties, the Waco-born, Hall-of-Fame pitcher who played in the Negro League, and about integration in baseball. 

Carlos Morales

Baseball has long since been considered the national pastime, but until the late 1940s baseball leagues remained racially segregated. KWBU’s Carlos Morales talks with teacher and baseball researcher Eric Robinson about the often forgotten history and legacy of Negro Leagues teams in Central Texas.

Jill Ament

If you've ever been to West Fest or dined on a roadside kolache...it's no secret Central Texas has a vibrant Czech community. Some local organizations are working to preserve this culture for future generations to come.