likely stories

Absorbing story of a woman and her sister, emotionally abandoned by their mother.

Evocative essays of a poet obsessed with nature and its effects on humanity

An absorbing tale of Dmitri Shostakovich caught in a web of a political nightmare.

Compelling story of a woman suffering from anorexia, and the cultural struggles she faces.

Wondrous prose of an M.D. studying a newly discovered South Pacific tribe.


Story of a farm family moving west from Connecticut and ending up in Ohio.

In this special episode of Likely Stories, Jim McKeown interviews Grace Tiffany, author of Gunpowder Percy.

Chekhovian style stories of the Austro-Hungarian Empire in the days around World War I. 

Humorous and suspenseful story of loneliness and friendship.

The thought-provoking story of a road trip with a Buddhist Monk.

Suspenseful story of two men, three women, and a murder.

Tale of a doctor who struggles with his medical oath.

One of the greatest writers of the 20th century, John Updike is a master wordsmith. 

Aging Irish poet, Thomas Murphy, ambles into dementia as he struggles to remember.

Detailed story of the Salem Witch trials and all the people involved in the 1692 tragedy.