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Paxton "horrified" by Planned Parenthood Video, Investigation Continues

In front of a Texas Senate panel Attorney General Ken Paxton said his office has received video clandestinely recorded at a Planned Parenthood clinic in Texas that is similar to other videos recently released by an anti-abortion group.      

“We are rightfully horrified by what we see on these videos, particularly the allegations of body parts being marketed as an additional revenue stream for Planned Parenthood," Paxton said. 

During his testimony, Paxton didn’t elaborate on where the video was recorded or how his office received the footage, but according to the Associated Press, the President of Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast Melaney Linton said actors pretending to be from a health research company toured its Houston clinic earlier this year.

Paxton’s investigation was spurred when secretly recorded videos surfaced showing Planned Parenthood officials discussing the processes used for gathering tissue from aborted fetuses for research. It’s an allegation that Planned Parenthood officials continue to deny, stating organizations receive reimbursements for costs incurred by clinics that participate in tissue donations.