2019 Power Morning

Feb 21, 2018

Ashley Thornton, Amy Davis and  Derek Smith  joined Brodie Bashaw during Morning Edition today for our celebration of public radio with Power Morning on KWBU.  

Over 115 listeners became first time donors, renewed memberships or gave additional gifts that helped get us close to the $60,000 goal.  

We believe we are helping build a strong community in Waco, with the support of listeners who share our values.

We didn't quite hit the mark by 9am but you can still give to support NPR and public radio in the Heart of Texas. 

The pledge line is 254-710-1033.   

We know that you value NPR and the programming on KWBU.  Morning Edition, All Things Considered, Classical Music, Texas Standard, Wait Wait Don't Tell Me, TED Radio Hour...your support makes these programs possible.

Thanks to David Smith and Alfred Salano for joining us on air.  

Thank you Lula Janes, JJ's Balloons and Luna Juice Bar for food and decorations.

And to our wonderful phone volunteers:

Victoria Rectenwald

Karyn Miller-Brooks

Summer Shine

Mary Goolsby

Christy Crosby

Kristi Carrillo

Lisa Shaver and

Susan Kennedy