Sakina Haji

Reporting Intern

Sakina is a junior at Baylor University studying Economics, Arabic, and Philosophy. Originally from India, Sakina has lived in Texas for more than 12 years now. In her spare time, she likes to plan her future traveling adventures, walk the trails in Cameron Park, and find delicious local eateries in Waco. She hopes to attend law school after she graduates from Baylor. 

On this episode of Behind the Story, we explore the world of legal aid in Waco with Kent McKeever and Jessie Benton of Mission Waco Legal Services. You also hear a story on the legal services offered to those living in poverty, who often can't afford but still need it. 

Mission Waco

With poverty comes many problems. Along with a low socio-economic status, many impoverished families face debilitating legal problems that continue to erode their income. For KWBU, Sakina Haji reports that one local organization trying to alleviate this.

Just outside of Waco is the Homestead Heritage, an agrarian, self-described “intentional Christian community.” The roughly 50 families that live on the farm practice traditional crafts there. For KWBU, Sakina Haji reports that one of those crafts is cheese that’s freshly made and aged in an underground cheese cave. 


This year's Baylor orientation is a bit different. It’s been nearly a month since major leadership changes at the University following an investigation into the school’s handling of sexual assaults. So what are incoming incoming students thinking in the wake of Baylor’s sexual assault scandal, and what changes are Baylor working towards?

This June, Muslims all over the world will fast from sunrise to sunset and spend more time engaged in worship as part of Ramadan. For KWBU, Sakina Haji reports that in Waco, there's a modest Muslim community that gathers to pray together and break fast, or iftar, every night in Ramadan.