Sofie Hernandez-Simeonidis

Production Intern

Sofie Hernandez-Simeonidis joined the KWBU team as a Production Intern in May 2019. Sofie is a Houston native and a senior Media Business major at Baylor University. Before graduating in May 2020, she will be studying in New York City in the Spring 2020 semester with the Baylor Film Department. When not at the station, Sofie loves stage managing as a student worker at Waco Hall and reading novels. 

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As we inch towards the end of year two of the pandemic, the literal Tiny Desk — the one that belongs to Bob Boilen himself — remains empty in the NPR HQ. It's hard to think of a place where so many people once gathered to celebrate and dance and sing along to their favorite artists as being lonesome — but in spirit, the Tiny Desk has been all over the world. From a high school in Virginia to an avant-garde studio in Melbourne to a performance space in Lagos to a room full of family in Madrid, the Tiny Desk has never been more regionally expansive as it was this year.

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This week on Conversations With Creative Waco, co-host Kennedy Sam interviews Eastside Market's Andreas Zaloumis, Deoryen Thornton and Eric Linares just in time for the holiday season. Sam also sits down with Mike Brock of White Elephant on the importance of shopping locally. 

Famous artists can sometimes obsure other artists who were close to them. Seeing through the shadows is a good way to discover a new artist. 

Western art is both popular and very familiar - we know it when we see it. But there are some western artists working today who are innovating within the style and who are worth seeking out. 

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This week on Conversations With Creative Waco, host Rae Jefferson interviews Angela Everett, the new director of Mission Waco's Jubilee Theatre - a performance arts space for the community, especially young children. 

Feeling as though you are completely surrounded by a work of art is to appreciate, if only for a moment, its potential power over how we see the world.

One of the purposes of art is to transport you into another frame of reference, another place, into someone else’s experience and point of view.  The more immersive the art experience, the more you are transported.  I recently had experiences with visual art that were totally immersive and, because of that, totally transformative. 

There is a health threat being marketed primarily at teens: energy drinks.

In episode 70 of Downtown Depot, host Austin Meek talks with Kimberly Batson, co-owner of the soon-to-be opening Fabled Bookshop & Cafe on 4th Street and Franklin.

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In Episode 66 of Downtown Depot, show host Austin Meek interviews Holly Tucker. Holly is a Texas country recording artist; in her interview, she discusses her local history, the realities of making a career out of music, and why Nashville can wait. Before that interview, Austin shines the Small Business Spotlight on His Grace Productions, a veteran-owned commercial videography company.

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On Conversations with Creative Waco, Kennedy Sam interviews Julia Harmon who is the Director of Mammoth Collective, a group of all-female artists in Waco. She also talks to Rebekah Hagman, Gallery Director of Cultivate 7Twelve, about Cultivate Days and events happening at the gallery this week.

This week on Act Locally Waco, host Ashley Thornton is back to bring us free arts events like the Summer Solstice Drum Circle and Summer Indie Movies, as well as events for families like celebrating World Camel Day at the Waco Mammoth National Monument. 

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On June 14, KWBU's Brodie Bashaw sat down with John Schneider, who is known for his on-screen roles and country music, and his partner Alicia Allain. John Schneider is widely known as Bo Duke from Dukes of Hazzard, but now focuses more on independent projects such as the John Schneider Studio and his music. 

Drivers in the Heart of Texas will see several busy roads under construction beginning the first week of June. 

The three streets in Waco beginning the reclamation process will be New Road, Bagby Avenue and Old Hewitt Road.