Audrey Pick

Audrey Pick joined the KWBU family in May 2019 as an operations intern. Currently, she is a senior at Midway High School and intends to graduate in the STEM endorsement. When not at the station, she is volunteering at Caritas, playing tennis or traveling. 

Gospel scholars for years have said that Ray Charles' hit "I Got a Woman" is based on the Southern tones' "It Must be Jesus."

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has started an ambitious national effort called Million Hearts 2022.

Business of Health Care: Clinical Wearables

Jun 28, 2019

One smart device maker recently issued an odd warning – its new smart watch technology to detect atrial fibrillation is not intended for people who have atrial fibrillation.

Business of Health Care: Patient Honesty

Jun 21, 2019

There’s an old adage about honesty being the best policy. That’s certainly true when it comes to talking to your doctor.  Unfortunately, one recent study found that anywhere from 60% - 80% of patients don't share relevant health information with their clinicians.

Business of Health Care: Prescription Kiosks

Jun 14, 2019

You've long been able to get food, drinks, money and even DVDs out of machine kiosks. Now there is something else Waco residents can get from well designed machines - their prescription medications.