A shift toward workplace wellness is underway across the U.S. Studies show businesses that incorporate comprehensive wellness programs are able to improve the health of their employees and save their company money at the same time. (*ENCORE)

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Cruz, the incumbent, was a champion debater in college. Challenger O’Rourke is riding a wave of momentum.

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At the Fort Worth job fair, more than 500 people received offer letters.

Rev. Willingham, backed by the Supreme Angels, delivers a fiery reworking of the old children's song. 

  A powerful company draws an unsuspecting young woman into its web.

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It is hot in Texas right now. We’re breaking electricity usage records to keep cool, squirrels are lying belly-down on the concrete, people are baking cookies in their cars. It’s the kind of heat that merits an official warning to the public. But what merits a ‘heat advisory?’ 

David and Art - "Learning Drama"

Jul 23, 2018
Joe Riley

We can all play a role in introducing someone else to the arts that we love.

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New evidence pushes back previous estimates of arrival by 3,000 years

How likely  is someone to be a whistle blower?

Poetry collection from the noted Copper Canyon Press.

Border Volunteers Allege Mistreatment Of Detainees

Jul 18, 2018
Yvette De Luna

Three volunteers recount stories of migrants not being able to shower for several days, sparse food, dehydration, and even babies with fevers who have not been treated.

On this edition of the Central Texas Leadership Series we learn more about Brenda Shuttlesworth, Executive Director of Waco Habitat for Humanity.

  Tense and absorbing story of a runaway balloon, and several men trying to help.

Four long short stories about Frank Bascombe wandering his way through his late 60s